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Classic Art Reproductions Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is where a website owner rewards someone (the affiliate) for referring new customers to their website for the purpose of creating the sale of their products or services. The affiliate may receive financial remuneration on the basis of the number of users who are referred to the website, on a pay per click basis, or on a set percentage of successful conversions or sales. Classic Art Reproductions rewards its affiliates by paying 15% on successful conversions.

An affiliate program operates by the merchant handling the logistics of sales, processing of financial transactions, shipping of products/services and managing any returns, while the affiliate refers potential customers to the merchant's website and is rewarded on an agreed basis. Some merchants use the services of a third party or affiliate network to act as an intermediary between themselves and their affiliates by providing the means of monitoring transactions and remunerating the affiliates. Classic Art Reproductions has chosen to purchase its own software for this purpose and manage the program without a third party.

To get started with our affiliate program, you simply need to provide us with the necessary information about yourself by clicking here and following the prompts on the page you will be taken to. 

It will cost you nothing to become our affiliate.

When you register as an affiliate, you will be allocated a referral link to use to track visitors who visit our website from yours. You will also be provided with banners and codes to insert on your referring pages. The default affiliate link can be customized for each affiliate in order to make it less obvious as an affiliate link, or to make it point to a specific page. Simply ask us for this to be arranged. The tracking works by the automatic placement of a cookie on our page by the visitor. The cookie will last up to 365 days, so you will still receive credit for any sales generated during this time period for that referral. Payment is available to affiliates by PayPal or by bank transfer, upon approval by us.

Affiliates should disclose to their clients the fact that they will receive remuneration for referring visitors resulting in conversions to our site. You can obtain some appropriate information about this by visiting this page.

Any websites outside Australia are still eligible to become our affiliates. Classic Art Reproductions undertakes all transactions (sales as well as affiliate commissions) in US$'s.

If you operate more than one website, you can still join our affiliate program. We recommend you register a unique affiliate ID for each website you operate. 

You don't have to own a website to join our program. You may refer traffic to us by email marketing, using a link that we will provide you. You should also register a unique affiliate ID for each email marketing program you undertake. 

Spamming is strictly forbidden for this purpose, and perpetrators of this type of action will be suspended from our affiliate program immediately.

You will know if your website or blog is eligible for our affiliate program when we grant approval for you to commence referring traffic to us. You will then be able to access the Affiliate Members Area.

We do not accept affiliates who operate websites containing pornographic, racist or illegal content. It is solely within our discretion as to who we accept as affiliates, and what is deemed as unacceptable affiliate practices resulting in suspension of the affiliate agreement.

Your account information can be managed by logging in to our site and navigating to your Affiliate Membership Page.

You do not earn commission on the tax and shipping costs of a product.

Any questions about our affiliate program should be referred to us through our Contact Page

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